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We're ISO 27001 certified and licensed under Curacao regulations.


We provide a secure, fully-compliant environment for an exceptional iGaming experience.

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With Secure Foundry our get to market times are measured in days not months.

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We are supported by leading industry partners and adhere to the highest standards in terms of customer data and security.

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Secure Foundry provides a complete gaming platform, including licenses and operations, for rapid deployment and success in iGaming. It underpins every aspect of the process so that you can focus on telling your story to your audience while we make everything else work perfectly.

We are committed to continuously improve the iGaming experience. Having grown through the ranks of the industry, everyone throughout the Secure Foundry knows there’s plenty to improve. And, in the interest of ensuring your continued relevance to the player.

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Game Content


In the rapidly evolving iGaming industry, staying ahead of the competition requires constant innovation and access to a diverse range of high-quality gaming content. Game content aggregation has emerged as a game-changing solution for iGaming operators, offering a streamlined approach to acquiring and integrating games from multiple software providers. This article explores how game content aggregation empowers iGaming operators to achieve quicker time to market and better pricing through increased volumes of content.

Streamlined Integration Process

Traditionally, iGaming operators had to establish individual partnerships with various game developers to access their content. This process was time-consuming and resource-intensive, leading to delays in launching new games or expanding their gaming libraries. However, game content aggregation platforms have revolutionized this approach by acting as a centralized hub, allowing operators to connect with multiple developers seamlessly.

By adopting an aggregation model, iGaming operators can save precious time and resources that would have otherwise been spent on complex integrations. This streamlined process ensures a faster time to market for new games, enabling operators to keep up with market demands and maintain a competitive edge.


Scalability & Performance


Near-infinite growth. Our platform is built to scale dynamically with your brand.

Certification & License


We're ISO 27001 certified and licensed under Curacao regulations.

Data Quality


Data is accurate, relevant, reliable and close to real-time.

Secure Foundry


We're fully compliant with AML and Responsible Gaming requirements, giving you a remarkably safe environment within which to operate.



Being able to segment communication is key to be able to remain relevant.



Analytical reports can be built on top of our close-real-time data lake and pipelines.

Security & Protection


We stand by the highest standards in terms of customer data and security.



Bonuses are wagered in the order and ratio defined by the brand.

Reward Types


Rewards are awarded to the players who belong to the segment and satisfy requirements.



Our XP functionality, coupled with a robust event-driven platform, enables endless gamification scenarios.



We provide a secure, fully-compliant environment for an exceptional iGaming experience.

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We had huge concerns when we decided that we needed to switch gaming platforms but the process went smoothly and we were up and running on Secure Foundry with zero downtime.
Antony Thompson
COO, GamingXperts

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