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Starting a betting company

Secure Foundry gives you all the options for starting a betting company and online casino.

Starting a betting company

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Secure Foundry focuses on the important things and is constantly improving the platform with the latest game content, products and processes.


Monitor the recruiting process
from searching to hiring


Complete set of integrated

features for success


Engage with your employees

to create a better HR process


HR platform for small to large business, with the power to grow with your company

Your marketing expertise is second to none. Your players are out there.

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What else can Secure Foundry
do for you?

Trusted worldwide and used by over 50 known leading brands and businesses

“Hiring new employees is a long process, and you need a trusted friend to help you with that. Secure Foundry is an amazing  platform that will help you from the get-go.”

Geneva Dean, VP HR GTECH

Improve gamification with our XP functionality

Get an interactive demo of all the Hoopi features and abilities. We are here to assist and guide you throughout the process.

Starting a betting company

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