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The secure and scalable gaming platform

  • Go-to-market times measured in days, not months
  • Built-in gamification
  • Real-time access to dozens of data points
  • Streamlined compliance management
  • Features

    Scalability & Performance


    Near-infinite growth. Our platform is built to scale dynamically with your brand.

    Certification & License


    We're ISO 27001 certified and licensed under Curacao regulations.

    Data Quality


    Data is accurate, relevant, reliable and close to real-time.

    Secure Foundry


    We're fully compliant with AML and Responsible Gaming requirements, giving you a remarkably safe environment within which to operate.



    Being able to segment communication is key to be able to remain relevant.



    Analytical reports can be built on top of our close-real-time data lake and pipelines.

    Security & Protection


    We stand by the highest standards in terms of customer data and security.



    Bonuses are wagered in the order and ratio defined by the brand.

    Reward Types


    Rewards are awarded to the players who belong to the segment and satisfy requirements.



    Our XP functionality, coupled with a robust event-driven platform, enables endless gamification scenarios.



    We provide a secure, fully-compliant environment for an exceptional iGaming experience.

    Secure Foundry


    Coming soon.

    What we promise.

    From our first conversation to every interaction we have along the line, we are committed to clear and concise communication.

    While we donโ€™t sell our brand to your clients, we keep our eyes on the market. This allows us to spot trends as they arise and to shape our product around your continued relevance to your target market.

    We are on a path to automate what can be automated and to engineer every process in a way that promotes efficient and effective use. The fewer steps you need to take, the fewer costs you incur, the smaller your teams, and the quicker you get to the market, the higher your margins.

    There is no stone we will leave unturned when designing a better infrastructure for the industry. Our current feature set is a fraction of our roadmap and we will let you know when new product features are planned, how they will improve your experience, and how they will make the gaming experience, and how they will make the gaming experience better for your players.

    Our senior team have been operating gaming sites located in Curacao since 2001. Leverage our experience to guide you to success.


    Our commitment to the continuous innovation of our gaming platform means we are always on a journey towards a better user experience and increased engagement. We challenge every aspect of the igaming industry.

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    Our Customers

    We’re launching the Secure Foundry in 2022 so please check back here as we add new clients to our portfolio.

    "We switched platforms seamlessly with zero downtime and no loss of data"

    We had huge concerns when we decided that we needed to switch gaming platforms but the process went smoothly and we were up and running on Secure Foundry with zero downtime.
    Antony Thompson
    COO, GamingXperts

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    Secure Foundry B.V is registered under the laws of Curacao and licensed by the Curacao Gaming Control Board (PENDING).

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